Keyword Optimization Questions & Tips

Most of the questions were asked by novices, they are fundamental to developing an understanding of SEO. So, if you are already a seasoned SEO, this issue may contain well-known information for you. In that case, we hope that you'll remain patient and wait as we prepare our upcoming project on the results of our SEO tests.

Are keywords still valuable for optimization?

Keywords are the basis of any Web search. They help search engines define the relevance of a site to a search query. So, defining your topic niche, choosing the most appropriate keywords, and optimizing site pages for them is at least as important as ever before.

Should I use the same keywords on each page or vary them?

Try to define clearly the topic to which a page is dedicated and select the words according to that topic. You should be using two levels of keywords to optimize pages: a page-specific key phrase and a general semantic neighborhood. A phrase of two or three words should be used several times in different areas of the page as the main keywords for that page. However, all of your important pages should repeat the words that unite the context with an overall theme, thus creating that semantic neighborhood.

For instance, if you run an online store, every page may be dedicated to a separate product, and you should repeat its name. However, aside from the name alone, the page should also mention words that associate the product to the larger class of similar products and describe it in a more general fashion.

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