What is Black Hat SEO & Why it is not Safe

Black Hat SEOThe SEO

SEO, as we all know, refers to Search Engine Optimization. SEO analyzes the individual web pages in such a way so that they are discovered and indexed by various search engines. The SEO makes sure that potential customers can locate your website easily. Without SEO, most of the people would never know that your site even exists.

The Black Hat and the Black Hat SEO

Black Hat refers to a hacker, who enters the OS (Operating System) without authorization. Black Hats exploit the system to provide access to other similar hackers, or broadcast malicious functions into the system.

Black Hat SEO comprises of techniques used to get higher search rankings, but in an unethical manner. These tactics are not considered to be fair by various search engines operator, optimizers or common visitors.

The tactics used by them include breaking search engines rules and guidelines, or unethically presenting the content in a different way to search engine spiders and users.

SEO operator policies

SEO operators, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN publish their policies and guidelines about the acceptable SEO techniques.

In general, if you don’t cross over these guidelines, you are not into Black Hat SEO.

The difficult part is that guidelines vary from one search engine to another.


Why Black Hat SEO is not safe?

As we discussed, Black Hat SEO works to get higher search ranking in an unfair way. Black Hat SEO involves illegal search engine technique, and focus only on earning more money without providing any true value to the visitors. It also misrepresents content to SE (Search Engines).

Black Hat SEO is through and through non-ethical. Any person with minimum ethics would not go for cheap and false tactics to rank high  in Search Ranking, which actually he does not deserve to be in.

Second disadvantage of using Black Hat SEO is that you would be reported by your competitors in no time. Black Hat SEO uses hidden text as one of their tactics, and to find hidden text is not difficult. Only two keys can do it all; Ctrl + A.

Another important reason as to why Black Hat SEO is not safe, because spamming forums etc does not go very long. It is not a regular link building process, and most of the links created such are deleted in no time.

Also, automated link exchange schemes don’t work, as Google has its own algorithm to reveal such schemes. Participating is such schemes also get into trouble of ‘bad neighbourhood’, where you would have no control on the links displayed on your own website. This might eventually lead to Penalization.

We see that Black Hat SEO might give you some short-term benefits; however, if you are really serious for your business, it won’t take you very far. People using unfair tactics don’t bother about quality or penalization; they just look for some short-term benefits.

Now it is up to you to decide, if you want to remain in business for long, with spotless image or not.

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